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Here’s a twist 91% of Americans living in Mexico are illegal. When most people hear the words “undocumented immigrants” they think Mexicans, but we know there are a lot of Americans living illegally in Mexico. The United State State Department confirms that almost a million Americans are living illegally in Mexico and that number has

Stargazing at Salina del Mar

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“With the first few holes cleared now, the anticipation is growing about what lies within in this incredible land”, says Todd Eckenrode. We are thrilled to have broken ground recently on the Twin Dolphin Golf Club in Los Cabos, Mexico. Construction of the course has begun with a target opening date in late 2018. Todd

Buenas Dias de Salina del Mar

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Soon to be developed

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A 1/2 mile east of Salina del Mar slated for development.

Sand Castle Contest!

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This Saturday, March 4, the federal ZOFEMAT in charge of beaches is sponsoring what they’re calling a “sand figure” contest. The frivolity starts at 9 am at the beach in front of the old tuna packing plant. Well, that’s a direct translation of the name of the beach that sits in front of the crumbly

Las Salinas BCS

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Jazz Festival San Jose del Cabo

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Morning at Salina del Mar

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Morning 7:06am

Evening at Salina del Mar

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January 17, 2017 17:40pm Approx. 17:43pm Approx. 17:45pm Approx. 17:53pm